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Learn About Us

What is Wintrr?

Wintrr is a platform for web coders and creatives to share inspiration that they've found or created with the world. Wintrr is all about offering developers and designers a place to express themselves and receive the best feedback and comments on their work.

Why am I here?

As developers and designers, we are always looking to learn the best or most efficient way of doing things. We are always trying to solve problems. At Wintrr, we believe that learning from the people who inspire you is the best way to build knowledge. Although that may seem trivial, we often find ourselves moving from blog to blog to learn the next new technique. Traditionally, information and inspiration has been scattered everywhere.

Wintrr was built out of the concept that it shouldn't have to be that way. Good information and inspiration can be in one central location. When you find something that inspires you, post it. Together, we can bring the web together into one place.

What should I do here?

Wintrr is all about sharing. With that said, we recommend sharing something. Whether it's a jQuery plug-in or your latest mock-up of a navigation menu - share it. You'll be amazed to see the feedback that you'll receive or the people that you inspire.

Although we push for sharing, you don't have to share to enjoy using Wintrr. Browsing Wintrr can teach you things and provide inspiration for you as well.

Anything else I should know?

We have a feeling you'll figure everything else out on pretty easily. However, if you have any outstanding questions, feel free to shoot us an email at